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The Boys in the Boat
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How can you become an active volunteer or “Friend of Saratoga Reads!”?
We welcome new volunteers of all ages! Simply email Mieka LeClair-Lundy, Friends of SR! Action Chair, at with your name and preferred email address and you will be added to our contact list. You will be notified of volunteer opportunities as they arise--approximately six times per year.
What kinds of things do the Friends of Saratoga Reads! do to help?

In the past Saratoga Reads! volunteers have been called upon to celebrate the community-wide reading of a book through experiences such as: distributing publications, meeting and greeting customers at Barnes & Noble during our annual Book Fair, gift wrapping, distributing vouchers to customers at Borders during our fundraising event on Victorian Street Walk night, baking themed snacks for our Junior Book Discussion Series, creating craft activities for children during the spring Community Day at Skidmore College, serving as readers for members of the Wesley retirement community, and assisting with the loading of Christmas trees onto patrons cars during our Christmas tree sale in December.

We welcome your volunteer involvement for just one or more of the upcoming Saratoga Reads! events.  Please view our Calendar of Events for a preview of upcoming events.

Reading Aloud Opportunities:
Saratoga Reads! is proud to partner with both Wesley Health Care Center and Home of the Good Shepherd in supporting reading programs for their residents. If you are interested in serving periodically as an aloud reader, please contact the following individuals directly and let them know you learned of the opportunity from Saratoga Reads!
Wesley Health Care Center Trudi Cholewinski,
The Home of the Good Shepherd Laura Poirier,
Saratoga Reads!
C/O Skidmore College, Box 2481
815 N. Broadway
Saratoga Springs, New York 12866
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